Friday, 20 June 2014



If you're living in England, you'll know just how terrible the weather can be (major sad face), but how recently the weather has been quite nice. It's had a few ups and downs, but mainly very sunny and very warm.
I even managed to tan a little bit, which is somewhat of an achievement as I usually either burn or stay exactly the same shade of pale that I've always been.
Lucky for me, the nice weather started a few days into my holiday off work, so that made it even more enjoyable.
I don't usually drink, but the lovely warm weather, a pretty Summer dress and a flower filled garden put me in the mood for a fruit cider or two!

Sitting in the garden, reading a good book and relaxing. Sounds wonderful right?
Well Summer nights usually mean lighting a fire in the fire pit outside, and toasting marshmallows. Makes for a beautiful end, to a beautiful day.
Have you been enjoying the start of Summer?



  1. Cute posts and I definitely know how you feel about the typical Bristish weather can be very daunting sometimes but luckily its all sunny now (fingers crossed) it stays like this :D xx

    1. Summer is usually so rubbish isn't it :(. Sick of the weather being all over the place. It's been cloudy and raining, and then boiling hot and blazing sun all in the space of a few hours today :S. Make up your mind sun! haha xx

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