Saturday, 5 July 2014

Soap and Glory Archery

After watching a few beauty hauls on Youtube recommending this brow pencil, I decided to delve into Soap and Glory's makeup collection. Usually I don't tend to go for their makeup since it's often quite expensive, but I've heard such great things about this product that I just had to try it out!

I had a fair amount of trouble trying to get hold of this colour though. The Boots store near where I work only had the colour 'love is blonde' for weeks, and my hair is naturally a medium brunette colour, so I definitely could not get away with that shade.

This is the Soap and Glory Archery - Brow tint & Precision shaping pencil in shade 'Brownie points'. 
It retails at £10, which for an eyebrow pencil I thought seemed a bit much, since I usually use Rimmel London - Professional Eyebrow Pencil in shade 002 hazel which retails at about half the price. 
But like I said, I had heard such great things about it that I thought I'd give it a try.

On one side of the dual ended product is a fine felt tip like pen, and the other, a pencil that you twist up. 
Although I think I might have gotten a dud felt tip side, as the tint doesn't come out properly (which sucks as that's what I was most looking forward to using), I can still use it, it's just quite faint. Or is that how it's meant to be? I'm not sure, I was expecting it to come out a little heavier so that I wouldn't have to go over the same spot a ton of times.
After reading online however, I think I just need to stand it felt tip side down so that all the tint rushes to the nib. I'll try that tomorrow and hopefully it'll be a-okay!
The pencil side however is just right. It's just your average pencil, maybe slightly more waxy, but the colour is almost exact to my eyebrow colour, which almost never happens to me with makeup. It seems quite flimsy though, and I've heard a lot of people mention that their pencil end has snapped after a few uses. Thankfully it hasn't with mine yet (touch wood!), but I'll be disappointed if it does since you can't exactly sharpen it.

I've also been using the tint and shaping pencil, with the Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph - Brow shaper and Highlighter crayon. I love this highlighter to just pop under the brow arch to make the eyebrow stand out more. It retails at £9 which for this good of a brow highlighter, I think it is more than worth the money. It's a big pencil so you'll get a lot of use out of it, so it's a bargain really.

For the fact that my tint and shaping pencil may be broken, I am a bit unsure of whether it's worth all the hype. I guess I'll just have to see if I can get the felt tip end to work properly before I make a decision on outting the Rimmel brow pencil. If I can, it is most definitely something I will be repurchasing, and I do think it is an excellent product if you're looking for a more natural brow. It's really quick and easy to use, and it makes your brows look amazing without making them stand out in all the wrong ways. And teamed with the highlighter crayon, your brows are good to go.


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