Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Buying, When I Should Be Saving!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! I've been poorly, which means I've been lazy and done nothing except go to work and sleep!

I'm meant to be saving up my money, but I work in a shopping centre right next to Primark (bye bye money). Naturally, I've bought a few items over the last few weeks to cheer myself up for being sick.

Primark socks have been a BIG hit with me this month. I'm a total fan of cute, patterned socks. 
If you haven't been to check them out lately, GO!

These are just a few of the many that they're selling at the minute, and at £2.50 each, I just couldn't resist.
Other than these, I've also picked up a pair of 'Where's Wally' socks made of the same material, but I've opened them and worn them quite a few times already, so they're not quite as pretty any more. 

That's their downfall really. The pattern isn't exactly long lasting, and the colour fades after a few washes.
But for £2.50, I personally can't complain. Just look at how cute they are!

I also bought a cute little navy top from Primark recently. The picture doesn't do it justice, so I'll do an outfit post wearing this soon!
It's kind of see through, with little flower detailing all over the material, so I'll wear a black vest top underneath. (I'm not brave enough/comfortable enough to go without a vest top to cover up)!
The little collar is super sweet, and the material is really thin and floaty, I just think it's really pretty and will go lovely with a pair of disco pants. 
I bought a size 6, and it's more of a loose fitting around the waist, but tighter around the chest, but because it's kinda see through, you can still see your figure.
For £8 I thought this was a bargain, and I know I'll get a ton of wear out of it!

Branching away from my Primark cheapies, I also had a little browse on Topshop website.
They recently had a free delivery offer on, so I thought I'd be silly if I didn't at least have a look to see if I could find anything I liked.
So when I found this cute white crop top, I just HAD to have it! Once again the picture doesn't do this gorgeous top justice, so I'll do an outfit post when I get the chance to wear it (when the sun decide to come out).
I love the flower detailing going along the sleeves and bottom of the crop, it seems ideal for summer!
It's available in petite and tall as well as the normal range, and usually I'd go for the petite option, since I'm only a miniature person. Having read some of the reviews on the normal range crop, I worked out that the sizing was a bit baggy so you could downsize if you wanted it to be tighter. Since I ideally wanted it baggy, I knew a 6 in the normal range would be perfect.
It's a lovely thin floaty material, and although it looks possibly a little see through, I'm sure a white bra will sort that problem out! 
£20 for a good quality Topshop top was too good to pass up. And with the free delivery offer, I just couldn't refuse!

My final shop stop was Boots. Like probably most girls, I can't resist a cheeky browse, and often find myself spending almost £50 a go in there (oops!).
This time I promised myself I wouldn't, and only had a little peek in at the lipsticks.
Pretty much all my lipsticks are Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks. I just love that they're so pigmented and have such a nice range of colours. Paired with the Rimmel Lipstick Lock to help keep the colour in place, they can last hours!
My only real downfall with lipsticks, is that I don't wear them enough.
That's one of the reasons I always choose Rimmel lipsticks. They're cheap, so if I don't wear them all the time, then it hasn't been a total waste of money.
When I bought these Rimmel lipsticks, there was an offer of 3 for 2 on, so naturally I snapped up this deal quickly. I tend to stick to similar shades (dark/deep reddy purple), so I thought I'd try and branch out a little.
And I'm so pleased that I did, because surprisingly, my new favourite is the lighter pink, which I wasn't quite expecting to like as much!
The three colours I purchased above were (from left to right) 016 'Heart Breaker', 006 'Pink Blush', and 128 'Starry-Eyed'.
Yes, Starry-Eyed is the similar dark reddy colour that I usually go for, but shhh I can't help loving that colour so much!

I am yet to delve into MAC lipsticks, but does anyone have any suggestions? It's pay day in a few days and I'm thinking of treating myself!



  1. those socks are amazing! I can't stop spending either haha I need to stop X


    1. I went and bought a pair of Sleeping Beauty socks yesterday, to add to the growing collection... I think I need to go on a sock ban haha! X

  2. The white crop top is so cute!
    I love the floral detailing and i can imagine it looking amazing with a leather skirt or a skater skirt!:)


    1. It's super cute isn't it! I haven't got to wear it out properly yet though :(! Silly weather. Plus, I'm yet to find a really good leather skirt I like, so I'd just be paring it with some disco pants for now :(. Any leather skirt recommendations :)? X