Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Child Of Light

If you haven't heard about 'Child Of Light' yet, then you're missing out!
At £15.99 I couldn't resist, especially with all the little extras you get in the deluxe edition. The game is usually £11.99, but for an extra £4 to get some DLC (downloadable content), an adorable 24 page art book, a stunning A2 poster and a light up keyring of a character in the game, how could I refuse?!

'Travel with Aurora in the World of Lemuria, where amazing adventures await!
Discover fairytale landscapes in a magical world.
Follow Aurora in her quest to save the kingdom of Lemuria by bringing back the three sources of Light.'

This game is everything I wanted it to be and more. 
In contrast to big titles such as 'Assassins Creed' or up-and-coming 'Watch Dogs', this is just a simple and refreshing game, developed by Ubisoft. 
The 2D side scroller is packed full of monsters to fight, and allies to help along the way. 
The battle system reminds me of games like Final Fantasy, where you stumble across enemies and you take turns at attacking/defending/casting spells based on how fast you are moving on a fight bar.
The art style is just beautiful like a drawing in a children's book, and the soundtrack fits perfectly with everything that you do. 

You journey through Lemuria with a young girl called Aurora, who has fallen into a deep sleep and ended up in another realm.
Your main companion is a little firefly, Igniculus, who you can control with the right anolog stick, as well as Aurora with the left. A second person can also sign in and play, taking control of Igniculus both in the story, and in battles.
Together, with the aid of others you must battle your way through each 'chapter', to return Aurora to her heartbroken father, and to bring back the light to Lemuria.

To put it simply, Child of Light is like a fairytale story. It's so easy going, yet the battles can be challenging. Everyone talks in a rhyme and I just find it so easy to play.
Everytime you level up in battle, your characters gain experience points which you go around unlocking new skills. It is that simple.

The only downfall for me, is that although I haven't finished it yet, I'm pretty sure that I'm close to the end. If I am, I just wish the game was longer.

Child of Light, is available as a digital download on PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and is soon to be coming to Playstation Vita.


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