Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Toni & Guy - Nourish Reconstruction Mask REVIEW

Hey Guys!

I'm forever getting bored with my hair, which in turn means that I'm forever destroying it.
I've never quite gone too OTT with the bleach, but I not too long ago I did have the ombré effect in my hair, and I've recently decided I wanted it back.

In all honesty, I should just buy wigs because my hair is in such terrible condition from bleaching my ends and dying it so many different colours over the last 6 years. (Yikes!)
I rarely straighten my hair, other than if I my fringe has dried totally crazy. And I never really curl my hair unless it's a special occasion. Wow, my hair seems always the same and really boring, I really should start to experiment with hairstyles more.
Usually, I just tie my hair up in a bun on a night, and when I take it out the next morning its pretty wavy, so it's not like I apply a lot of heat to it.
But the bleach has made my hair waaaay dry and a bit limp looking.

When I decided it was time for the return of the ombré, whilst buying the bleach, I thought I'd be sensible and try out one of the many damaged/dry/replenishing hair products that are available. 
As I'm sure it is for most, Boots is my go to store when it comes to looking for new products, since it has a lot to choose from.
I've been using a few hair products from VO5 recently, but nothing that's completely wowed me. If I'm honest, I haven't given them a fair trial as I'm so flaky when it comes to trying new products (and lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair/skin etc.), so I will try them out properly over the next few weeks.

Because of this, I decided I'd venture over to the Toni & Guy products for a change and bought the 'Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask'. I think it was about £10 which is a fairly reasonable price for the fact that it does exactly what it's meant to, and you can get a good few uses out of it before it runs out (depending on the hair length). However, usually I wouldn't spontaneously buy a product that I haven't read reviews on, if it costs more than a few pounds. To me, spending £10 on something I haven't read up on, means that if I don't like it and won't use it, then it's a waste. If that happens with more than one product, imagine all the money you've wasted over time.

This hair mask however, is AMAZING!
You have to leave it on your hair for 3-5 minutes, so I shampoo and condition my hair as normal, then put the hair mask on and wait for it to develop, while shaving my legs or something.
After one use I could already feel and see the difference. I had bleached my ends, and was in a full on panic mode because they were so dried and frazzled that my hair just looked and felt like I had grabbed a handful of hay, and glued it to my head.

I was honestly shocked at how much of an improvement the mask had made after literally one use. My hair still felt and looked a little dry, but 100 time better than before I had used it!
I've been using it every two or three washes, so as to not overuse it, but to keep the damage to a minimum, and I have to admit, my hair no longer feels repulsive. It looks and feels so much healthier than it has in such a long time. It's still damaged, but that is to be expected if you use dyes or apply a lot of heat.

It doesn't make my hair greasy at all, which is something I was worried about. It leaves it soft and bouncy, and it smells great!

To anyone who has dry or damaged hair, that just needs some life putting back into it, I would definitely recommend this product! It may seem a bit pricey for a hair mask, but it does the trick so fast that it's completely worth the money in my eyes.

Does anyone have any other products that work wonders on dry and damaged hair?



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  2. Thank you!!! I just bought this now and am so excited to try it out this evening! Been looking for good reviews :) Yours is great!! It made me so chuffed that I bought it xxx