Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter LUSH Products

Until Christmas time last year, I'm ashamed to admit that I was a LUSH virgin. I actually hated the smell of the store, and every time I walked past I would want to throw up from the overpowering mix of smells. I just didn't like it.

That has all changed since November time though, seeing everyone posting photos of their limited Christmas time only bath bombs made me intrigued.
So I ventured out to my local store and spent probably too much money on pretty bath products. And I loved each and every one.

Since I only started shopping at LUSH a few months ago, this is my first Easter experiencing all the new seasonal products. I wasn't sure which ones to get so I picked a handful of the Easter products that smelled yum, and a few usual range ones that I hadn't got around to purchasing yet.

Look at how pretty they are! And they smell so good! 
One of my favourite things about LUSH is how good they are for your skin (and obviously the fact that they don't test on animals or buy ingredients that have been tested on animals, is a BIG plus)!

As you can see from above, the first Easter bath bomb that I used was the Fluffy Egg bath bomb.
It smells exactly like Snow Fairy which one of the most popular scents from LUSH, which is usually only available from the Christmas range, so I new I HAD to try it out as it's my favourite scent. It smells like bubblegum, and is just so sweet and candylicious! 

I love the smell so much that I've got tons of Snow Fairy shower gel stocked up from Christmas, as well as a bubblegum lip scrub which has a similar smell, and The Magic Wand bubble bar (also from the Christmas selection).
While the bath was running, I popped the bath bomb in, and let it do it's magic. The room smelled incredible.

It left the water a pretty pink colour and I just wanted to lay in their all day because it smelled SO nice!

The Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt was a present for someone else, but they told me that it was so nice and refreshing on their skin. 
I'm so tempted to buy it for myself now, just to give myself a nice soothing release, and put a bit more moisture and silkiness to my skin.

Next I think I'm going to try the Secret Garden bath bomb since it smells so nice.
I'm slightly worried about trying the Golden Egg bath bomb, since it's so glittery.
Does anyone know if it'll make me all glittery? I don't really fancy going to work looking like a sparkly princess...Or do I?


In the top picture; Top left - 'Golden Egg' bath bomb - £3.50, 'Fluffy Egg' bath bomb - £2.95, 'Dragons Egg' bath bomb - £3.25.
Bottom left - 'Bunny' bubble bar - £3.25, 'Secret Garden' bath bomb - £2.95, 'Rose' bubble bar - £2.95, 'Ceridwen's Cauldron' bath melt - £4.25.

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