Sunday, 13 July 2014

L'oréal Paris Thicker Hair Collection

Sorry for all the review posts lately, I've got a few non-review post ideas for over the next few weeks, but I'm more than happy to take suggestions on what you'd like to see!

When I was younger I had such long and thick hair. 
I used to love it so so much, despite that it would get tangled in knots constantly, and the fact that it was so long that I could barely do anything with it.
That was, however, until I got to an age where I could dye my hair myself.

When I got to about 17, I had mastered dying my hair pretty well without it being too patchy, and I developed an almost OCD for roots coming through.
This starts to happen only a few weeks after dying your hair, so every 3 weeks I found myself re-dying it. But I wouldn't just touch up the roots, I'd re-dye my whole head.
After a few months of this, when I'd brush my hair I'd find a lot more would be falling out in comparison to normal, and when I'd wash it, I'd find a big clump in the drain.
Now to begin with, I wasn't concerned in the slightest. 
'My hair is thick and long any ways, doesn't matter if a bit falls out'.
But when it was still happening a year after I had stopped dying my hair regularly, I began to panic.

4 years later, and I'm glad to say that I still have long hair (not quite sure how, but I am most definitely not complaining)! I dye my roots every 3 months at the most, and since I have an ombré effect on the lower half, I re-bleach probably about every 5/6 months.
It's not very thick any more though, so I thought it was time to experiment.
I recently stumbled upon an advert for L'oréal Paris Elvive - Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, Thickness Booster, and Thickening Conditioner. Like all adverts, they made the products seem so amazing and fast working.
Normally I don't get scooped in, but I thought I'd take the chance with these as they're a new range so I would have to wait a while before reading any reviews.

Surprising, they're not expensive products. The shampoo and conditioner are both 400ml bottles, both costing £3.99 each. The thickness booster was fairly costly in comparison at £5.99 but only being a 30ml bottle. However, when I bought these they were on a 3 for £10 offer at Boots, so really, I only paid £2 for the booster.

The 'science' behind the increase of hair thickness in these hair products, is that there is a fair amount of Filloxane in them. The filloxane is meant to penetrate the hair fibre and expand it, remaining in the fibre and increasing expansion wash after wash.
These products claim to increase the thickness of hair, giving it more body and bounce, which is exactly what I wanted.

Directions on how to use them are fairly straight forward. You use the shampoo like a normal shampoo, which I must add, smells incredible.
It's fragrance is really sweet and creamy. To be honest, I don't buy things for the way they smell (except obviously perfume etc), but it does help if things don't smell rank. Especially if it has a lingering smell.
Once you've rinsed the shampoo out, you apply the thickness booster to the whole of your head. It comes out really thin and runny so it's hard to determine how much you need (and since I have long hair, I'm running out after only 5 or 6 uses). You only need to use the booster twice a week at the most, so depending on your hair length, you might be able to get a month or two worth of booster. 

Without washing the thickness booster out, you then apply the conditioner on top, and let it do it's magic for a few minutes, then wash it all out.

I couldn't see a difference after the first or second wash, but after the third, I actually started to notice that my hair seemed to have lot more to it.
I've been using the shampoo-conditioner combo for about 2 months now, with the booster once or twice a week, and I can honestly say I'm impressed.
My hair feels and looks so much thicker, and because of this it seems to have more volume. Not sure if this is something it claims to do, or if I'm just drying my hair differently, but it just looks so much better than usual.
SO happy with the results, especially because it was a sort of 'spur of the moment, hope and pray' purchase. Plus, because the bottles are so big, I won't be running out any time soon of the shampoo or conditioner.

I'd rather not have to pay the whole £5.99 for the booster, so I'll see how it goes without it for the next few weeks. If results are still good, I won't be repurchasing it as an assisting product.
You can also get a hair mask in this range, so when I do come to repurchasing the shampoo and conditioner, if there is a similar offer to last time, I'll try that out and see how that fairs in comparison.

Hope you're all well, and are enjoying the start of Summer!


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